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Corra Linn
Lanark Artefax
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October 24, 2019

i like to imagine Corra Linn waterfall as being like a transfer gate, where time is out of thread b4 it’s pushed back in a specific direction, u can get really close and walk across it like an engine room and feel things around u getting all warped in clusters or sprays<br /> priverspic romationge courealith tannic<br /> <br /> EP out now on Numbers.<br /> <br /> Corra Linn is a waterfall in the Lanark area of Scotland, the water of which flows into one of the oldest hydro-electric power stations in the UK. <br /> <br /> The artwork for the EP is a photomicrographic image of Lanarkite; a rare and precious mineral form. Almost all significant occurrences of Lanarkite were discovered deep within the Leadhills in South Lanarkshire, but it is said that an unknown, but large, quantity of it was once unearthed at the base of Corra Linn waterfall.<br /> <br />

Lanark Artefax

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